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Jeevan PLE


Title : Jeevan People Led Empowerment 

In 15 villages of Ahmednagar and Shrigonda Talukas

Project Duration: January 2016- December 2018

Funded by :  CARITAS INDIA

The specific objectives of the project were as follows:

  1. Communities in the project villages will have increased decision making power in local self-governance.
  2. People in the project villages will have greater food security by promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  3. Tribal communities in the project villages will restore their identity and culture.

The project was implemented in 2 Talukas of Ahmednagar District.  The details of the project area is as follows:

No. Villages Panchayat Block District
1 Khandgaon Khandgaon Shrigonda Shrigonda
2 Bangarda Bangarda Shrigonda Shrigonda
3 Pisore PIsore Shrigonda Shrigonda
4 Kosegavhan PIsore Shrigonda Shrigonda
5 Mahadevwadi TaklinLonar Shrigonda Shrigonda
6 Gosaviwadi Mandavgan Shrigonda Shrigonda
7 Nimbodi Mandavgan Shrigonda Shrigonda
8 Mandulwadi Mandavgan Shrigonda Shrigonda
9 Vadgul Khandgaon Shrigonda Shrigonda
10 Kamthi Kamthi Shrigonda Shrigonda
11 Taradgavhan Taradgavhan Shrigonda Shrigonda
12 Chaurgaon Taradgavhan Shrigonda Shrigonda
13 Vadpimpri Vadpimpri Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
14 Hathvalan Hathvalan Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
15 Japewadi Hathvalan Ahmednagar Ahmednagar